About Us

We're a Fulltime RV family working from home. We have two dogs, two beautiful boys, and a daughter. Our goal is to stay together and experience as much in life as we can. Through traveling, homeschooling, and working together to build our business in our 2nd son, Sequoyah's, name. He was taken from us shortly before he was born still full-term. He meant so much to us, our older son, and our community. We want him to matter to the world and to be able to use his story to bring awareness, support other families of stillbirth and child loss, and keep us together and strong as a family as he was a big part of the growth in our home and should continue to be. He is forever missed and loved, and we will never be the same from his creation, growth, and death.

Our goal is to provide quality home/family-made crafts and natural products. A portion of our profit goes towards building bereavement care packages. We are starting small and hope to expand as we go.

Cover photo by Breezy photography.

Hospital photo by Beautifully Human- Photos and Film.