Bereavement Packages

Enduring loss

No parent is ever prepared to lose their child in any way. We sure weren't and there is so much we wish we had to remember him by and knew about spending time with a baby who had passed. We also found that other parents went without too. Some had so much less to help them cope and remember their babies. We were fortunate for the community who came together to support us in the postpartum and we want to extend that to families who find themselves in this tragedy as well. We want to be able to change this narrative as much as we can. We want to bring awareness and preparedness to birth facilities by building care packages for them to have on hand for families. We also want to be able to ship them out when others reach out to us in need or knowing someone who is.

We hope to support other small businesses by buying some of the items we want to build our packages with from them. We are still putting together our list of items we will include and who we will be purchasing from. If you would like to submit product for sale or donation, please contact us. We are always open to new ideas of things that can help with the processing of, coping with, and memory of our sweet babies who have left this world.

We will announce our package content list and when we are ready to start sending them out. Our goal is to start with birth facilities in our home state, New Hampshire. But if you are interested in networking for us to get your local birth facilities on board, please reach out!

You can also support us and our cause by purchasing from our shop or our amazon business and care package supply wish list. Thank you so much in advance for any and all support that we receive, we couldn't do anything without the support of our community and those around the world who have gathered to show our beautiful boy nothing but unconditional love.